About me

Dariusz Strzelczyk is a graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Łodź, where he made a diploma in Carpets and Fabric workshop. The journey with interior designing has started in New York, where he worked, commissioned by leading Art galeries, with carpets, tapestry and historic fabrics. There, influenced by world-renowned designers, his aesthetics taste took shape. Thereafter, for over 20 years, he has worked with interiors designing and decorating.
An interior that reflects passion, style and taste of the owner is the best place to live therefore Mr Strzelczyk thinks close and comprehensive contact with the investor is the key to success. Timeless interiors come not only from knowledge and sense of beauty but also from awareness and respect for comfort and well-being of the inhabitants. His projects’ style is loose and light, achieving stylish and harmonious space by combining wide range of influences, cultures and motives. Mixture of these elements gives an effect of exceptional, friendly and warm interiors and living spaces. Selection of every detail, fabric or furniture is always profound and deeply considered.