VillaMuseumSuiteCountry houseTown house

VillaMuseumSuiteCountry houseTown house

I am performing a comprehensive execution of habitable, office and public use interiors projects. I can also offer a single consultations and guidances. I have been cooperating for many years with trustworthy, reliable subcontractors and craftsmen (carpenters, builders, upholsterers and many more) of whom skills and thoroughess I have been reassured many times.

Every project demands close partnership between the investor and the designer. I believe the best way to make it happen is to undergo a few steps in the course of the cooperation:
1. Learning – the first step is to understand and accept the needs and ideas of the investor
2. Building the concept – the mutual search for project solutions
3. Designing – the use of over 20 years of experience, skill and crativity in soliving all projecet dillemas. A key moment for the final shape of designed space
4. Realization – when finally dreams come true. Implementing the desing, from furniture, light and fabrics all the way to the smallest details


Besides private interiors we have also designed many public service building:

Interior design and revitalization of K. Pulaski Museum, Warka
Interior desing of Wedding Palace, Old Town, Warsaw
Light design of K. Poznanski Palace, Lodz
Interior design of Princess Lowicka Living room, Belweder Palace, Warsaw
Interior design of City Promotion Office, Warsaw
Interior design of SSW Law Office, Warsaw
Interior design of Polmos Lublin Offices, Warsaw
Interior design of Sitarska Hotel and Restaurant, Bilgoraj
Interior design of Jaworowy Dwor Restaurant, Trabki